when i was 18 twiligh first come out in the uk and i loved it but this was before twilight is what it is now i look back on me then and i could see all the thing wrong with the book…

yes its badly writen but its fun and yes its YA in so many ways good and bad but when your a teenager love is like that you fall in love so fast and out of love so fast.

book 3 is when things change the wrting gets better the world feels more read and yes the end of the book 4 was a big let down but not every book needs to be the next great novel they can just be fun all the twilight books are just that fun to take yourself out of the here and now.

i know its a thing to hate them right now but just tate them for what they are and have fun thats what reading should be the 18 year old me would tell the 28 year old me that

a youtube video i make about here