its funny i have always had a love hate thing with paperback books,

i’ve had many cheap paperbacks over the years you, know the ones with the paper that turns yellow, with very thin pages that fall apart….. they also have that compressed thing small books with very small text thats hard to read even with my glasses on.

but some paperbacks are very well done the trade paperbacks i can live with they don’t turn yellow and have nice sized text, but its the cheap mass market paperbacks that i thank for getting me reading. so many books i had like that with bad 80s covers or covers that look like soft porn. I did have a big clean out i think i gave away around 150 of the things to friends, oxfam and family. xmm1-s1_1302_detail

its the cheap mass market paperbacks that got me reading classics they all come as cheap paperbacks with bad b movie covers  i loved every single one read many till they fell apart for me as much as i hate mass market paperbacks they are needed we need the classics to be easy to get for schools and colleges and even uni’s dont feel bad if they get reacked in your bag or coffee tipped over them.

they are books they tell more than the story on the pages they tell the story of the person that owned them and loved them so dont just look passed tham in the second hand books shops