There’s three things which in my mind make up a book:
-Decent story Line

-Writing Quality

-Decent character’s

This book seems to lack all three of these things, though I will say that the story line had a lot of potential just the writing quality nor the character’s were good. A 150 page book is not recommended for a YA book, as it’s not enough time to have a well paced book.

This book began with a quite standard beginning, which was the only reason I made it through the book, but near enough straight away we were pulled into this so called ‘action’, which was where the book went dramatically down hill. It was confusing, completely unbelievable (even though a vampire book)and too book happened for a 150 page book.
The character’s I couldn’t get along with. Caitlin, the main character, had barely any introduction, only the fact that her family were dysfunctional. There wasn’t much to her and she just seemed rather bland and quite gormless. Her brother just seemed to basically disappear and no one seemed to care, almost like the author was attempting to give this impression of a normal family you would find in America. Character’s walked in and out, and it got stupid in the end. I would not recommend this book at all, I couldn’t get along with it. I don’t even have anything good to say about this.  

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