1 – To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee. a coming of age story that deals with so many issues that are going on in the world.

2 – THE ODYSSEY/Iliad by Homer.  books that are over 2000 years old we all know the stories in some form

3 – Withering Heights by Emily Brontë. this is not a love story its dark very dark

4 – A Moveable Feast by Hemingway. a bio to end all bios

5 – harry potter …. all of them by J. K. Rowling. what can is say about harry potter thats not been said

6 – his dark materials by Philip Pullman. 3 books that should be read as one mind blowing reads

7 – Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. interlinking stories set over 100s of years

8 – the handmaids tale by Margaret Atwood. it rings so true to whats going on in the US and parts of the middle east

9 – the great gabsy by F. Scott Fitzgerald. read my review here its an amazing read

10 – Gypsy Boy by Mikey Walsh. one of the best books i have read

11 – The book thief by Markus Zusak. let death tell you a story, about death

12 – tenderness by Robert Cormier. something dark very dark something that you wont what to stop reading.