I am always so biased when YouTubers come out with books, especially ones I have followed for such a long time – because I don’t want to be disappointed with what they have written and I don’t want it to change my overall perception of the person I adore on screen. However, Queen Tyler Oakley slays all over with Binge has not only made me laugh, cry and adore him even more – but he’s also the only YouTuber to have changed my perception of him – but in a positive way.


I have always loved Tyler. His videos have always made me laugh, made me think about things and his overall online presence has always been something that I enjoy witnessing or being a part of. It was so interesting and delightful to see that his constant loving and genuine persona was revealed throughout Binge, too, making the book a whole lot more personal. Of course, I have only ever fallen in love with what I have seen on a screen when it comes to Tyler – and other YouTubers – so it was really interesting (and somewhat heartbreaking) to read what Tyler has gone through. He touches on his own personal eating disorder, his panic-attacks, and his worries from being so work-driven, that it has made me rethink how I saw him originally. But not in a bad way! Tyler is known for being that bubbly persona, but his book has made me realise that he’s a person too, something that a lot of fans tend to forget as they become attached to the fandom. Tyler is not only personal and opening in the book, but he’s also constantly balancing out everything he’s saying so that those who will question him about it, won’t have anything to question. For example, when talking about heading back to a hotel room after a convention, Tyler goes on to say that it’s not because he doesn’t want to meet fans, but it’s because he needs his time. Something I think everyone needs to respect, and something that is really solid to read coming from someone whose living through the stress of being in the limelight.

He opened up about the time he was violently abused, and the time he was heartbroken. It’s honestly so genuine and upsetting to read, but the uplifting ending and seeing where/how Tyler is today shows so much growth – and I love it.

Binge has taught me so much about Tyler but also, it’s helped me realise that things aren’t always what they seem. Though it’s treated as an autobiography, Tyler uses the book to teach life lessons as things go by, big or small.

I’d definitely recommend this to ANYBODY who watches Tyler Oakley, or any YouTuber for that matter. It’ll definitely teach you a thing or two about my favourite YouTuber, but also about how the world of YouTube can be damaging and upsetting, as well as extremely uplifting.

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