A young hacker gets pulled into something far bigger.  This is for a contest had 10 mins to write a short flash fiction no edits. so its not finished but did come 8th place


It started like any other day, get out of bed at 1pm in the afternoon, get coffee, and log into Squid yep that’s my day.

Nothing new just a few emails, people asking for IT help, most of the time I just tell them to turn it off and on again but is a day job with this no one asks too many questions…. But it’s boring my real job is hacking

My name is Eve and I’m a hacker and I’m writing this to tell you why I’m missing so if you find this Zero know I’m going to save you.

My flat is small… very small, just two rooms with three small windows but it works for me. I can sleep, eat, and work for here easy but can pack up if I need to leave fast.

Looking out the window the rain is hitting London hard no one around but its only been a few days days since the last EMP was dropped by some terrorist Christian group, It wiped out half of the tech in Thames Wharf, I can see why no one is around.

As my coffee kicks in the phone rings… I let it ring, after not too long it stops, getting to work my computer and Squid are running oddly slow but that may if been the EMP hit.

After a few minuets a message pops up

You need to get moving

Shits hit the fan zero has been

Arrested watch you back eve

I stop what I’m doing I look at my friends list on Squid Zero is gone, I feel my chest tighten, what the fuck has happened to him I say out loud …… I feel my head spinning.

I know what they want they want the file Zero gave me but why would they want that, I don’t even keep it on my computer its on a flash drive.

I get dressed fast as I can putting the Flash drive around my neck,

I log out of everything I need to see a woman called Icon blue as soon as I can.

I hear my flats intercom buzz, on the video feed I see a 40 something overweight thug he is not showing in my ID software.

I am working New Scotland Yard he said, I know he is not, no ID and alone, he also has what looks like… maybe a gun stuff down his jeans… making up for a small cock I think to myself.

Grapping my bag I clime out my window onto the metal fire escape moving as fast as I can down to the cold wet and grey London streets

I know what I have to do.