2.5 Stars

A lot of unnecessary detail. The story had a step by step account of everything the heroine did and every thought she had which was boring and over redundant.

“I kept the books I’d need for the next few classes and put the rest in my locker.” (loc 154) Too much info.

He pulled me toward a white SUV. I wasn’t sure what type it was because I didn’t know much about cars.” (loc 3421) Who cares if you know about cars?!?!?

“As she released me, I saw Jared take something out of the fridge. Soda. Perfect. I am thirsty.” (loc 3585) Too wordy, I do not need to know every thought.

The writing was also very matter of fact and emotionless. A lot of information about the Hue and the Archaic was repeated over and over. It is as if the author forgot she wrote a description in the previous chapters.

The ending felt too good to be true as everything had to closed and put together for a happy ending. The ending also felt rushed.

You may love it. I am just writing down what did not work for me. (less)