A greatly unappreciated gem of a book. It is by no means perfect, but it has a special little place in my heart, and I’m sure it will for many more children in the future.
I actually saw the TV series of this first years ago, and desparately wanted to read it. Garland is a member of a travelling group of performers in a post-apocolyptic land of strange creatures and ruins. She encounters two brothers, Timon and Eden, and their baby sister Jewel, children from the future on a quest to save the land. The story follows their adventures, and on a darker note, Timon’s internal struggle against something he can’t fight…
At times a bit cheesy, what made this book stand out to me was the heart and emotion in it. The ending was, without too many spoilers, greatly saddening, especially for a children’s book, and the idea of Sci-fi and Fantasy fused together was pulled off really well. The characters are unique and lovable in an almost caricature fashion. The story is magical and lots of fun to read.
I can only hope that this book is printed for as long as possible, so that many more children get the chance to experience this beautiful story for themselves.


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