looking back to 1998 I was on a train with my mum and nan, it was a long trip so mum picked up a box set of the first 2 harry potter books Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets….. i was meant to read one on the way and one home long story short I read both going and after the i would go on to read each one.

Being a painful shy kid, that never had a lot of friends…..  I was Harry in my head anyway hoping the owl come with my hogwarts letter.

When I was 13 I met someone that had the same love for Harry Potter as I do we spent hours reading them looking up stuff on the cheap library computers that ran too slow to look at photos or art…… as me and her started to grow up we never lost that love.

The last Harry Potter come out in my first year of art college, in a way it felt like my childhood ended after i read it I was 18 at the time but that book gave me hope, the token goth of the group of people i knew in college made a point of saying Harry Potter was crap….. she had bad taste anyway.

I had the amazing chance to meet you to get the last HP book me and a friend went up to London and meet you at a book signing I geeked out and forget what i was going to say lol like most at the book signing.

Once a year i go back and read the books have done for a long time and will do for as long time to come.

In years to come the HP books will go down as classics on the 20th and 21st century 100’s of years from now kids and adults will be reading your books and falling in love with the world you made…. .like I did back in 1998 sitting own a train

all I can say is thank you for helping make me who I am Today