A Boy Made of Blocks is a different kind of book to those I usually pick up. But sometimes it’s good to read something different. A change is as good as a rest. In the current climate I really felt the need for something that would provide a little light. Don,t get me wrong, I love my horror, crime and post-apocalyptic, but sometimes you need the light to appreciate the dark.

A Boy Made of Blocks tells the story of a family struggling with the day to day struggle of life with autism, along with all the other trials thrown at the family. The man focus of this story is Alex,a husband still haunted by a traumatic incident in his childhood, now trying to cope with a failing marriage along with his autistic son.

So, despite this book being very different to my usual horror, crime something with monsters I did enjoy this. The central character is very easy to relate to, mostly down to how honestly he is written. Alex has a great ability of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, sometimes the result is comical but other times it can be almost painful.

The book does focus on Alex’s relationship with his autistic son Sam, with Minecraft becoming a medium that allows Alex and Sam to develop a relationship. It really made me think about how important relationships in families are.

If you are looking for a wonderfully heartwarming story, The Boy Made of Blocks is it! At a time where all we hear about it bad news, reading a book like this acts as a salve to the soul. 4 stars, highly recommended.

***Disclaimer – NetGalley and Little Brown Book Group kindly gave me a copy of this book for free. this is my own honest review***