If book can give hang-overs then City of Bones can give the best and worst kind of it. Best, because I’m completely intoxicated with this book; and the worst – because I am utterly and completely going insane over it! This is one hell of a book. It’s simply superb!

I think I am one of the remaining few still new to Cassandra Claire’s Mortal Instruments series. I regret not reading City of Bones sooner, as it turned out to not only exceed all my expectations, but gave me a thrill that I had not quite experienced since the Harry Potter books! I will probably inevitably repeat all the gushing reviews given to this book, but there’s no way around it. It’s just that good.

City of Bones stars Clary Fray, an ordinary girl who discovers a world beyond any she knew existed. In the Shadow world, prominent figures include demons, warlocks, witches, werewolves, vampires, shadowhunters and a certain Jace Wayland. The author’s description of this world is impeccable. In rich and with great detail, strong imagery and letter-perfect writing, City of Bones just lures the reader into its world. Clary’s adventure I don’t often wish I belong to a book world, but I certainly did with this one.

Clary is an amazingly strong heroine. I love her perseverance and her will to fight, her selfless concern for others and even her sarcasm. She’s a fiesty heroine, one I totally cheered on. She handles trials with grace and is firm in her stand. Secondary characters are not less note-worthy. They are colourful and their vibrance give this book life. Isabel for instance, is as just as tough as Clary – I really adore her. Alec, Simon, Luke, Hodge – the variety of characters is amazing. All of them are fully-developed and important in their own rights. And of course, I think this review would be incomplete if I don’t mention how hot the heroes are. I love both Simon and Jace, but damn. Jace Wayland? Yes please.

City of Bones has the markings of a great classic and so much more. It’s exhilarating, intoxicating and every bit gripping. Expect a whole lot of suspense, tension, thrill, drama, you name it! There were twists in every corner, new characters to delight readers, adventures that would give anyone an adrenaline rush and a romance that will leave you gaping. As more secrets are uncovered, more truths laid bare and more of the Shadow World discovered, the more this book hooks you. It was slightly draining to read as it really engages the reader; I felt as if I was in one adventure myself!

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