I was born in 1988 so my childhood is the 90s, power rangers, pokemon, and many many others


One of the best times was the scholastic book fair, we lived in a little village called Hopton the scholastic book fair was in the sports hall for a weekend at the start of the summer holidays.


me and my mum would go to them and always come home with what felt like 100 books the weekend before the scholastic book catalog would come in the post me and mum would spend a few hours looking and picking books and toys. we would walk down to the spots hall and being the uk the weather was always random lol. we would go when it opened around 10 they would always put on something to eat i.e cheap coffee and tea for mum and orange squash for me that was so watered down it was yellow water….. and over cooked cakes made by little old ladies. when the doors opened it was like magic to me they would have all the new scholastic books would go into them first, then the toys, and then the second hand books they would have out by the little old ladies. would always come home with loads of books and spend the summer reading them. The list of books many i still have is so long and so many are still being read by kids today its funny what starts with out in my head i have been around the world, to other worlds and much more.

The Animorphs books are the highlights and so are the goosebumps books



now i have have a god son that love reading i taken him to his every year for about 5 years now, its still that magic place even now