A short review I did on amazon ages ago

A AWESOME addition to my divergent collection! To be honest, writing wise, it wasn’t that special. But if you’re a die-hard fan of Divergent, don’t think twice before buying this book! It’s totally worth it! Especially, if you’re still in depression after all that happened in Allegiant…..I was overjoyed to learn more about Tris even though the ending of Allegiant kind of made it weird to read about her again! *remembers what happened in allegiant and starts crying*
She seemed to be a whole different person, a side of her I had completely forgotten about!
I’m glad I read this, it gave a whole new dimension to the storyline and you kind of understand the background a lot more! It gives out more details about some of the newer characters such as Amar. We get to see the storyline form from an earlier perspective! Knowing me, I eat, sleep and breathe divergent; so this book gave me a little extra something or a couple of extra moments with some of my favourite characters! 🙂