What a great combination Carolyn Mackler and Jay Asher make when it comes to delivering a highly entertaining and heartfelt story. This was pure awesome, and I hope these two authors continue to combine their magic with great stories and fun loving characters. Well done!

Set in 1996, Emma gets a computer from her father as a gift, and her best friend Josh comes over with a CD that gives her 100 free hours on AOL. Remember those days? Yeah, I do too. ^^ When they log on, they discover this interesting site called Facebook and as they surf through the site they stumble across their profile page 15 years into the future. WT?!? What we get next is a fun adventure these two characters take on in the hopes of achieving their “perfect” future.

Future of Us did a great job of showing how a small decision we make today can have a ripple effect into our future. I couldn’t stop but ask myself, if I knew what would happen in the future, how would that change the decisions I make today? Also, as I was reading the profile updates, it was funny but not surprising to see how bold and revealing some people get on Facebook, willing to expose their lives, feelings and events for everyone to read and comment on. Yeah, I know it happens but when it’s put down on paper for entertainment, it’s definitely facepalm-worthy.

Emma and Josh are an awesome pair of protags and I liked how Asher and Mackler told their story through alternating POVs. Their narrative was filled with fun dialog and moments that had me cringing in a light hearted way. Loved it!

All fun and enlightening stuff that kept me highly entertained for the few hours it took to breeze through this book. Definitely a true hit for YA Contemporary fans.

Thank you to Alexa for lending me her ARC and to her and Crystal for ink-staining the book with their thoughts and reactions. I felt like we were reading it together. What an awesome experience! XD