I got this book in exchange for an honest review

S.A. Starcevic contacted me earlier this week about his novella, Untouchable. It’s an LGBT themed superhero story. Did I want to review it? Uhm, super duper yes! So without further ado – here it is.

p.s READ IT 🙂

While it is a short story, it’s one fantastic read. I highly, xten times, recommend checking it out. I was super excited to read a book that featured two things I’m passionate about. Untouchable did not disappoint. The characters are cute, and well established for the first book in this series.

It has a touch of romance, drama and humour. Honestly, I wish this book had been in schools when I was younger. Untouchable is a light read which is another reason I think it’s perfect – all ages can read it. It’s inspiring and makes you smile the entire time! I squealed at least a hundred times, oh gosh! ❤

This is the kind of content I want to see more of! The saddest part was the ending. I wanted to continue reading about the adventures these characters were yet to have. I hope more people pick up Untouchable and enjoy the novella as much as I have. I hope they want to read more of this series and that they let S.A Starcevic know how amazing Untouchable is.

Please, give this book a chance – it’s so worth it!

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