A shadow of the movie with some slight changes (But placed to work much better) A higher volume of Harley a Joker, seeing more in depth what goes on in Harley’s mind as well as seeing the more closer emotions of Joker and his thinking. While in the movie you do not see any anger or abusive between the twisted love couple, in the book it touches on it, and the romance they both have and how they feed off of each other.

Going father than Harley and the Joker, the other characters also get a new view and brought life. June is given a stronger backstory, why and how she got to where she did and why the pull to call out the enchantress was so strong.

The novel explained those pieces of mystery in the movie that may have been overlooked or flashed by to quickly. Such as, why the Joker was laying with knives all around him. Why Harley was visited by the guards.

One of my most favorite aspects placed in the book was the involvement you saw the squad, they did joke with other and played around more among themselves with tricks and activities. You saw a stronger bonded team and each page you know the basic story line but you don’t know how it will be brought about and how they may all react this time. 🙂

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