I joined goodreads years ago, from day one always been very mixed about it, with stuff thats canned in the last year and small part of the user base becoming toxic its not the best place for book reviews. Amazon have taken over the site so thats but me off in a few ways but its the trolls, the people that use one word to review a book or the youtubers that just post a “my review is on youtube” Many writers have stopped using it and the giveaway system is broken.

The things I love, its got me taking to others, its helped me find books I would have never looked at, its an amazing place for book lovers but so much lets it down.

I dislike a lot of Goodreads reviews,  no critical mind, everything is said to be good and amazing, with deep characters, great prose, clever author. Everything new and shiny is incredibly overhyped and overrated. Not to mention stupid meme/gif/dialogue reviews being at the top all the time. For review specifically, I think Babelio is a better option than Goodreads (for french speakers).

But the worst are probably the ratings. A crapload of people rate 5 stars everything they lay their hands upon. They would probably rate 5/5 an Ikea user instructions manual. And when they don’t like a book they don’t rate it at all. Those people are useless to the community.

The rating are even more skewed by the demographic of the users. Every young adult crap has an average rating between 4 and 4.5 when Nobel prize struggle between 3.3 and 3.7. I have come to think that the average rating doesn’t reflect the quality of the book but how easy it is to read : easy books are rated highly, challenging book are rated lowly.
I still use GR because the interface is clear, easy to use and pretty complete. I write reviews there mainly for myself.

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