BookTube is growing larger and more important in the world of books. A lot of us go online to find reviews and new books to love.

But if you’re like me (and something tells me you are!) you’ve noticed something about most booktubers: they’re almost all female! Male booktubers seem to be few and far between.

With the way booktube has come to work its split down the middle one side are the booktubers that do something different, a mix of guys and girls from teenager to 40 somethings that cover a real good mix of books and break the booktube bubble.

The other side is the teenage girls that make nice looking videos but they all talk about the same books and writers. 98% YA they pop up and give every book a growing review and say how cool the cover looks…… they get the most views and have fans that follow them around like sheep. Sadly this is why i think we have very guys want to join even with the biggest love of reading you type in book review on youtube and you get the booktuber stereotype.

YA started booktube and we have much good YA but we need something more like break the booktube bubble and do something new.

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