i have been a on and off fan of the books for a long time, so hearing about a tv show was like ok lets see how this turns out and after the mess that is shadowhunters this could not be any worse. Its far better than shadowhunters btw tumblr_o0yix0dtzT1r4hgqso1_500.jpg

so here is a list of the good

1- the world is amazing, the overall look works

2- the costumes work so will it has that lived in look that is missing from many tv shows

3- if you loved  xena or the tribe you will love this

4- the story is good

whats bad

1- it can be a little cheesy

2- its a little over the top

3- the CGI is very hit and miss but better than shadowhunters

4- to save money they changed a few things from the book

and yes i will be watching season 2