Whats funny I read this book as a teenager its not head reading at all and yes its trashy but its fun and easy so do love it.

this makes me wonder why do they feel the need to talk down to YA readers ?? is it the reason why so much YA has become fluff ??

But to me this could go one of two ways

1 – It just makes a trashy novel, far worse.

2 – it could tighter things up clean up some of the messy parts of the novel.

Dan Brown is set to release an abridged version of his hit book The Da Vinci Code aimed at the Young Adult market.


Penguin Random House UK will release the title in time for Christmas on 8th September in paperback and e-book, while the US will release it a few days later on 13th September in hardback and e-book.

The story will be abridged for ages 13+ and maintain Brown’s original plot, introducing a new generation of readers to symbologist Robert Langdon and cryptographer Sophie Neveu. The books will also have new cover designs.

Brown said: “It is my sincere hope that this adaptation of The Da Vinci Code sparks in young adults the same thrill of discovery that I feel while exploring hidden history and the mysteries of the world we live in.”

He added: “My parents were educators, and so it’s no surprise that I have a fascination with history and research. In fact, if I weren’t an author, I’m sure I would be a teacher myself.”