so many books i could add to this list so so so so many. this is just a handful of amazing books. give them a try

also guys comment i want to know what books you love that are about the world and its people lets make a list here

Dorit Rabinyan’s Borderlife – isreal


a powerful love story i have only read this in hebrew. i don’t think its in english yet so won’t give too much away Metro

By Magdy El Shafee


This dark graphic novel delves into the corruption that was part of everyday life for many Egyptians under former President Hosni Mubarak, and the persistent effect of poverty on the common man.

Mornings in Jenin
By Susan Abulhawa


This 2010 novel about a Palestinian family living in a refugee camp post 1948 encompasses several characters: among them, twins separated and raised by an Israeli family and a Palestinian family.

Bessie Head, Maru


A powerful love story written during Head’s exile from Apartheid South Africa. Margaret Cadmore is a young Masarwa (Bushman) woman adopted and educated by a British namesake.

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy


This Man Booker prize-winner is set in India’s southern state Kerala, away from the glamour of Deli and Mumbai. The densely descriptive novel follows the the childhood experiences of fraternal twins, commenting as much on human nature as it does on Indian politics, religion and the caste system.

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie


Rushdie’s Man Booker prize-winning novel is set against the backdrop of Indian partition, using a dose of magical realism to tell the story of a boy born at the exact moment when India became independent of British rule in 1947. This sprawling, kaleidoscopic account of India is a true post-modern classic.