so this woman here posted a video that is nothing more than a rant that comes across as nothing more than a privileged rant …..  to me its this simple we don’t have the right to tell writers what to write. the youtuber that posted the video “diversitygate 2016” you have fed the trolls and missed the mark on many levels and you overlooked history. Don’t forget the trolls you have been given likes by they hate woman and if you was “fat” they would be trolling you too and the people commenting on the video you did not see that video very well.  Steve on booktube has hit the nail on the head watch here 


here is my view on that matter

“I’d prefer genuine and well thought out attempts at diversity as opposed to writing in tokens just because the author felt they had to do it. It should be natural – not an obligation. The only instance where I would complain is if the lack of diversity created implausibility in the story (e.g. If the story takes place in a major city and explores the people of that location but fails to acknowledge the existence of about any culture/race/ethnicity other than the author’s). Things like that tend to seem unrealistic and almost intentional. But even then I wouldn’t complain to the author. It would be a critique regarding my enjoyment of the reading experience and something I would LIKE to see verses something that should happen”