“If I hadn’t promised a friend I would read this book, I would have quit before the end of the first chapter. Morgan Rice has no control over language. She doesn’t use words to evoke emotions and imagery. She abuses them, uses them in ways they weren’t meant to be used. Her vocabulary needs work. Most of all, she needs an editor. She needs an editor who will sit down with her and explain sentence structure, help her improve her vocabulary, and teach her the difference between parsing words and twisting words.If you’re someone who can’t stand grammar errors and words being used in the wrong way, look away now. This book is a graveyard of abused words, and they’re freshly risen from the dead. This is harsh, and I understand that, but sometimes books just need rewritten and edited before being sold”



“her work has to be a joke, poor spelling, poor grammar and very much a bad book. morgan rice is not a writer “she” has not idea how to form a book.i don’t get the good reviews on her work at all i wonder if they have been paid or are not reading the same book.don’t give her work the time of day don’t spend your money on trash so many better writers in the world. i have read so much of her work (free) its all just fanfic it all reads the same”