I get It  you have to promo your work but here is a list of things i wish you would stop doing

1 – if your have a finished book don’t make the last 1000 pages your promo or the first 1000 plus pages, if you do that even on a free book i won’t read it.

2016-09-26 19.39.38.jpg

2 – 90 pages is not a novel, if you think that then you know nothing also £8 for a 90 page ebook is too much

3 – costs, I’m sorry if you have only done a few books and then you have them at say £10 plus a pop …. no way in hell thats also the reason you ebook is not selling.

4 – getting pissed off when someone gives you a poor review, its part of the job not everyone will think its as amazing as you do

5 – covers that look like soft porn,

6 – bad covers, don’t do your own book covers, if you have to do your own many free sites and art students that can help you

7 – poor grammar or/and poor spelling  (morgan rice I’m looking at you) you know the computer your using it has a thing called spell check also don’t just let your family to close friends prof read your book they will tell its good even if its crap.

8 – paid reviews, i won’t take money to review any book. i’ve had writers offer to pay me for a good review (morgan rice and a few others wanted to pay me to read crap) if your book has poor reviews time to go back and fix it