I bought this book right after it came out. I read it during moments snatched from days and nights of a lot of academic work. When you open the book, it warns you ‘not to read the diary when I (Kurt Cobain) am gone..’ but my curiosity got the better of me. I read on to find a rather articulate and meticulous person (who else will make a checklist for every stop of the tour bus that includes ‘check oil’ and ‘check tyres’?) quite different from the drugged persona that means a rock star to you and me. A chronicle of the way Kurt Cobain changed over time, it makes you wonder about ‘success’ in general and ‘rock star success’ in specific. Curiously there can be deep introspective moments but that was just my experience.
Strangely enough just around that time, we were discussing the changing concept of copyright in network economics. Besides I am deeply interested in privacy technologies and the social debate around it. In all, I experienced a terrible dilemma with this book – by buying this, was I aiding and abetting privacy violation (even posthumous) or copyright violation (since these are not Courtney Love’s diaries so how could she publish them???).. Any guesses?
Read it only if you can deal with the conflicting emotions that rightly overcome you when you read someone’s diary without their knowledge or consent.. 4 stars for the depressing times this caused me, when I could least afford the time..

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