I’m in the same camp as author Cam Rogers, who said that he was never fond of straight novel adaptations.
This book puts a spin on the theme of time travel by being written from the perspective of ‘in a different time-line, the Quantum Break story could have happened like this’. It brings together elements cut from the final game, and gels perfectly to create a story that is familiar but also fresh at the same time.

It also adds more depth to the characters, their pasts and their roles, particularly Beth Wilder and Paul Serene. In a way, this novel focuses more on them, painting them into more sympathetic characters.
Ever wonder what they witnessed at The End of Time? Here’s a potential version of events.

All in all, a well written and engaging book, more so if you really enjoyed the storytelling in the game. It enriches the experience by keeping the story tighter and focusing only on the key players.

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