found “Cry to Heaven” to be as rich, baroque and sensual as the previous works, I’ve read, by Anne Rice.

A young boy was brutally castrated because of a struggle for power in a Venetian household of the 18th century. After a life-time of study and vocal training, he eventually becomes a star of the opera in Rome. The public is entranced by his remarkable voice and stunning good looks. He can play both male and female roles with authenticity, and is larger than life on stage.

The young man, Tonio, has amorous liaisons with both men and women, who find him irresistable. However, he cannot accept his physical impairment and refers to his elongated physique, that of the eunuch, as the body of a monster. His character is marked by sadness and a deep longing.

The end of the story is powerful and dramatic. Tonio does deal with the past and those who sought to destroy him.

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