“a weak book just feels like the same YA fluff.
no backbone to the story, nothing deeper to the story

this book also feels like the same fluff that morgan rice pushes out
just with better spelling and grammar

give it a miss better books around”

I was asked for a 100% truthful review i submitted the review and got hell back i was attacked for my sexuality and views i was called cancer and i should die of aides ….. after looking at her twitter she is nothing but a right wing bigot and troll she has attacked children and likes to post racist, anti lgbtq and even anti woman crap. if you get her book for review don’t review it don’t give someone this childish and hateful any time. whats funny is she is what people like her hate a woman thats not cooking and cleaning and being a slave to her man …… its all just sad

she is whats wrong with the world.


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