I am a huge cat lover and when my mum told me of this book I was instantly drawn to it, the very idea of a cat companion finding and saving you is intriguing and really tugs at the old heart strings. I haven’t even finished the book yet but I can’t put it down and I absolutely adore it. This true story of James and Bob really touches my heart; I really sympathise for the pair of them and admire their strength and commitment to each other. It really fascinates me and being brought up around cats myself and having my own feline companion for over a decade, I whole heartedly agree that a cat friend is just as fulfilling and life changing as they really are wonderful gorgeous creatures.

James’ story is rather a sad one; we’ve all experienced loneliness at some point in our lives but maybe not quite to the same degree as him. From reading his book you come to understand exactly why he ended up in the dregs of London’s streets and you get a real insight and an inkling of understanding as to how hard it must really be to be a true outsider struggling in society.

His story has really opened my eyes and made me very thankful that I haven’t been so hard up and really appreciate and sympathise with the hardship they must have put up with having both lived a tough survival life out and the rough streets of London. It has made me rethink about all those hard up people begging or busking for coins that I’ve in the past brushed past, keen to avoid. Next time I’ll stop by the `Big Issue lady’ and buy a copy or two.

I love this book so far I’ve even learnt quite a lot of cool things about cats that I never knew before, as well as the very obvious difference in human psychological, mental and physical behaviour towards someone in James’ position and to be less judgemental to say the least (as well as a few survival tips if I’m ever misfortunate enough to end up on the streets … Hopefully not) and I’m sure it has a lovely ending or hopefully for James and Bob, a new beginning from their long lonesome and sometimes very difficult journey together.

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