This is not something i wanted to talk about here but i need to just say this even if no one reads my blog anyway.

I have been trying to write a book for years, i have many unfinished things and books that are in note form that never got out of my note book . Over the last few years i have had a few almost’s but never want very far. the few i have finished have been put on hold thanks to tech issues, i can’t use word that well, I’m not a tech person. I did my best with what i could do but even with youtube videos and the internet how to’s its like speaking english to a person that only knows Japanese to me.

Also me being impatient is not helping matters, my ADD kicks in and i drift off what I’m meant to be doing and I’m lucky to get 200 words a week sometimes.

one of the things that also just stops me is Ebook self publishing, i see so many good books that no one reviews or reads on amazon/kobo/ibooks but its all on you, its all down to you its all on your own back, you have to promo things yourself….. thats scary.

I want to get something out (yes I’m on wattpad but unless its fanfic no one reads it) The endless crap and ebook sellers around so many books its becoming also like everyone is doing it but thats killed a lot of self publishing sadly …… to be 100% with you guys i dont want my work to end up like so many ebooks, i want a real publisher, an editor and i hate to say this a ghost writer …..

I can’t do this alone and don’t know what to do ……