as someone thats been trying to write and publish a book for a long time, years ago i would send 2 manuscripts to PR people, publishers, and so on, i was lucky to get a letter back saying no.

so a few years ago i sat down with the idea to self publish on kindle, kobo, iBooks and so on but hit many issues alone the way, tech being a big one (open office is junk and in no way as good as word) so lay out issues would happen when converted into an ebook format.

when i got office as in ms office was so happen made things easier, but then started the editing lots and lots of it hours of work thats when my issues would start, i get a headbuzz after doing the same thing over and over, i get it when people tell me the same info over and over i stop taking it in and zone out.

one thing about me is i have no attention span, i can’t keep focused on one thing for very long and like things done fast, if they are not finished fast i lose interest its bad i know but thats whats happened with the book, i get so far and hit a break wall and than the head buzz kicks in and thats it.

i have no patience for stuff like that and the only way this book will even be finished is to get an editor, and a ghostwriter

i dont have the focus and its painful i want to tell this story thats been in my head since i was 15