ok its been a interesting few weeks, lots going on and its nice to be back. but this weeks marks my 10th mouth as a booktuber (like here)  i would be lying if i said its been its lived up to my goals, its been slow going getting subs and views has not been easy at all other people i know started around the same time as me and they have done far better.

its been hard going but very fun, one thing thats bugged me is at one point i was getting a few 100 views but thats dropped a hell of a lot.

book reviews don’t do well next to hauls, wrap ups and so on but i love doing it my goal is to have the channel pay for its self but thats a long way off and sad to say not getting the arcs i want to read and review is also not helping.

i think i have got a troll too, so thats getting to me a bit, at this point i don’t know if i will still be doing this 10 mouths for now but i want to be, but the last few weeks i have felt like I’m back to day one with my channel, it kills me to say this but i need more than 30 something views and 4 likes on videos like all you tubers i need the numbers.