I decided to try this book as I’m a lover of anything that involves religious conspiracy, sects, mystery and modern interpretation of the religion of centuries ago. I like the psychology of religion and this book peaked my interest when I read about the idea of a ‘Devil’s bible’ and ‘Devil’s Prayer.’

It wasn’t however at all what I expected. The book follows the story of Siobhan who’s mother left several years before without a word and was never found. As the story unfolds Siobhan begins to learn more about her mother’s history and what drove her to leave her own mother and two young daughters behind in Brisbane.

It is an interesting story but I can’t say much more about the plot without giving immense spoilers. The quality of writing was good but in places I felt there was an overuse of adverbs and some over writing but this did seem to die down as the book went on.

The plot was interesting and despite the large amount of historical fact and the flicks between past and present; I found it easy to follow and it held my attention.

My one criticism would have to be that I felt the ending was very rushed and unsatisfying. If this had been better i would definitely have given it a 4.5-5* rating. Unfortunately, it felt a little bit like an anti climax with lots of build up, suspense and intrigue only to deflate at the end. Some of the main events happened in the middle of the novel and the only excuse I can think of is that the author plans to write a follow up novel. If this is the case then I take everything from this paragraph back because it makes an amazing cliffhanger.

There’s a little bit for everyone in this novel with a crime/thriller element running alongside religion, mystery, a horror of sorts and human error. It’s the kind of novel which makes you question what you would do if you were in Denise’s shoes. How far would you go to make a good life for your child?

Unpredictable and full of suspense it’s definitely worth a read!