Written in traditional Victorian style with long winded descriptions, and tragic figures who meet sad endings. The story works around Gabriel Oaks a well to do Sheep Ballif and Bathsheba Everdine a young lady who catches his eye and asks her to marry him. She rejects him and then moves on to become the mistress of her Uncles Estate. Oaks’ flock comes to a tragic end and he goes bankrupt and moves on to find another job in another town, on his way he encounters a hay fire and helps others to put it out. The farmer of the estate turns out to be Bathsheba Everdine,offers Oaks a job as a Shepard. A neighboring gentleman farmer William Boldwood falls desperately in love with Batsheba and asks her to marry him. Bathsheba turns him down because she’s been swept off her feet by a. British soldier Sargent Frank Troy. Troy cons her into secretly marrying him. Boldwood tries to bribe Sargent Troy into not marrying her, but Troy tricks him. Bathsheba soon finds out that his gambling and lack of a farming background is costing her dearly. It’s obvious he loves her money more than he loved her. One night they encounter a poor destitute woman along the road, Frank recognizes her as Fannie Robins the women he had an affair with before meeting his wife. He gives Fannie money and promises to meet Fannie in a few days. Fannie struggles to find shelter in a local workhouse. Fannie dies in childbirth along with her child, and is identified by people in the village as a former employee of Bathshebas’ Uncle. Her body is taken to the farm and Frank admits that he loved Fannie more than Batsheba. Frank disappears and word gets back that he has been drowned at sea. With him out of the way Mr. Boldwood asks the new widow to marry him in six years. He is head over heels in love with her, but she has a feeling that Frank Troy is still alive. She promises Boldwood an answer to his proposal on Christmas Eve, but truly does not love him. In the meantime Frank Troy has been performing with a traveling circus for two years. While the circus is at a local fair Gabriel Oaks and a few farm workers recognize Troy, but no one tells Bathsheba because they don’t want to upset her. Boldwood holds an engagement party on Christmas Eve and is thrilled that he will now marry his true love. However, Frank Troy makes a surprise appearance at the party, Mr. Boldwood kills him with a pistol on the spot, and tries to kill himself but is stopped from doing so. He is sentence to prison for life. Meanwhile Oaks continues to run both the Boldwood and the Widow Troy’s farms. Gabriel approaches Bathsheba to tell her that he was leaving at the end of his contract. Bathsheba finally that Gabriel has been her closest friend and colleague over the years, she could always depend on him and she was in love with him. Once she admits this to him he Tells her he still loves her and wants to marry her.

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